Unlocking the Global Rewards Economy: An In-Depth Look at the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC)

With a vision to maximize the value of loyalty programs and increase the liquidity of rewards, qiibee has emerged as the leading Blockchain-Based Loyalty Ecosystem. Leveraging the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC) to tokenize rewards/points, enables exchangeability between world-renowned brands, thousands of rewards, and millions of new members.

Today, we’re diving deep into the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC), the technological backbone of our ecosystem that’s set to revolutionize the global rewards economy. But how does the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC) actually function? Let’s break it down.

Current Loyalty Landscape: Our Thoughts

qiibee's Mission

Despite the billions invested in loyalty programs, a significant percentage of rewards go unused. Our mission is to unlock the $500 billion rewards economy, making it more liquid and accessible through the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC).

“The QRC plays a pivotal role in this transformation and aims to change this narrative by tokenizing rewards/points, making them exchangeable and increasing the inherent value.”
– Gabriele Giancola (CEO & Co-Founder at qiibee)

Industry Insights

Based on the data observed in our Global Rewards Liquidity Report 2023, a key learning is the importance of offering loyalty program members high spending and exchange freedom.

This allows for a more liquid rewards program. Enabling members to easily earn and use rewards in one or more ways inherently increases the perceived value of the loyalty program, boosting engagement and incentivizing them to earn more points by returning to purchase.

The qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC): A Loyalty Marvel

The blockchain-based qiibee platform, powered by QBX, is the decentralized, scalable and interoperable infrastructure for the global rewards economy. Companies with loyalty and rewards programs can easily tokenize their rewards, connect through smart contracts with each other and secure their rewards as loyalty tokens on the qiibee rewards chain (QRC).

This is where QBX comes into play, acting as the fuel that powers transactions within the ecosystem. Whether it’s issuance, redemption, or exchange of loyalty tokens, QBX is the medium of exchange that facilitates these activities.



Key Aspects of QRC

The Rewards Economy

In the qiibee ecosystem, loyalty programs not only issue rewards to their customers and members but also have the unique opportunity to collaborate with other loyalty programs. This collaboration enhances the liquidity and marketability of their rewards, creating a more dynamic and engaging rewards landscape for consumers.

The Fuel

The qiibee token, known as QBX, serves a multifaceted role within the ecosystem. Companies utilize QBX as the operational currency to create their own branded rewards tokens. These QBX tokens facilitate various transactions—such as earning, burning, and exchanging rewards—on the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC). For token holders, staking QBX becomes a gateway to fully engage with a wide array of rewards.

The Infrastructure

The qiibee platform is built upon the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC), a specialized blockchain designed to tokenize all types of rewards into fungible tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The QRC also supports smart-contract-based reward conversion pairs, allowing for seamless and efficient exchanges between different types of rewards.

Companies participating in the qiibee ecosystem gain comprehensive insights into all transactions related to their rewards programs. This includes transactions that occur when members convert rewards from one program to another.

To ensure the highest level of transparency, companies can employ neutral, third-party auditors to validate all transactional activities. Data access is carefully restricted to maintain competitive integrity, ensuring that competing companies can co-exist within the same decentralized points bank.

In a world where rewards are valued in the billions of dollars, the need for a secure storage solution is paramount. The qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC) offers a robust and secure alternative to the vulnerable centralized databases currently in use. Featuring an immutable points bank where transactions are permanent and cannot be deleted. Multiple validators rigorously verify all transactions, providing an additional layer of security.

The qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC) is engineered to handle the enormous scale of the global rewards economy, which engages billions of members and generates billions of transactions daily. To meet this demand, we’ve developed a consortium blockchain that drastically reduces transaction costs while significantly accelerating transaction speeds. This ensures that the QRC can effortlessly scale to accommodate an ever-growing number of transactions, making it a future-proof solution for both companies and QBX token holders.

What does this mean for you? (QBX holders)

As a QBX token holder, you play a crucial role in the qiibee ecosystem. The QBX token is the utility token that fuels the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC), enabling a more liquid and interoperable rewards economy. But what does this utility bring to you?

Transaction fees within the qiibee ecosystem are denominated in QBX tokens. These fees are strategically distributed among key stakeholders: ecosystem validators who maintain the network, VIP Club Members who actively engage with the ecosystem, and the qiibee foundation, who’s focused on the ecosystem’s development and sustainability.

This distribution model not only ensures the long-term viability of the qiibee ecosystem but also enhances the utility of your QBX tokens by involving them in essential ecosystem functions.

As a QBX token holder, you have the unique opportunity to elevate your engagement with the qiibee ecosystem through VIP Club Membership. This isn’t merely a status symbol; it’s your passport to a curated range of benefits.

From exclusive experiences and early access to new features to additional rewards from companies in the qiibee B2B Rewards Marketplace, VIP Club Membership amplifies the utility of your QBX tokens and enriches your interaction with the ecosystem.

In the qiibee ecosystem, your QBX tokens aren’t just static assets; they’re dynamic keys that unlock a multitude of engagement opportunities. Whether it’s redeeming unique rewards, participating in limited-time promotions, or accessing premium ecosystem features, your QBX tokens serve as the gateway.

As the ecosystem grows and more companies join, the variety of rewards and activities available to you expands. This not only enhances the utility of your QBX tokens but also provides you with diverse ways to engage with the ecosystem, making your participation more rewarding and fulfilling.

As a QBX token holder, you’re not just a passive observer; you’re an active participant in the qiibee ecosystem. This means you’ll be among the first to experience any technological advancements or new features introduced to the qiibee Rewards Chain.

Whether it’s a new type of smart contract, enhanced security measures, or innovative reward structures, your QBX tokens give you early access. Additionally, you’ll have first dibs on new ecosystem rewards, allowing you to maximize the utility of your QBX tokens and engage with the ecosystem in novel ways.

From contributing to its sustainability and enjoying VIP Club perks to unlocking diverse engagement opportunities and getting an early preview of technological advancements, your QBX tokens serve as more than just utility tokens. They are your passport to a world of exclusive benefits and transformative potential within the global rewards economy.

Key Takeaways (TL;DR)

  1. Unlocking the Rewards Economy: qiibee aims to tap into the $500 billion rewards market, emphasizing liquidity and freedom in loyalty programs.
  2. QRC & QBX Synergy: The QRC serves as the blockchain backbone, while QBX tokens act as the operational currency, facilitating various loyalty transactions.
  3. Sustainability & Governance: Transaction fees in QBX ensure long-term ecosystem viability and offer token holders a role in governance through VIP Club Membership.
  4. Enhanced Utility: QBX tokens provide multiple engagement avenues, from exclusive VIP perks to early access to technological advancements.
  5. Your Role in Transformation: QBX tokens are not just utility tokens; they offer transformative potential within the global rewards economy.

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The qiibee foundation is the world’s leading blockchain provider for the global loyalty market.

Our mission is to build a decentralized, scalable and interoperable standard for all loyalty programs and incentive systems powered by the QBX.

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