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QBX VIP Club Beta

Forget the old point systems. The QBX VIP Club redefines what it means to be loyal. Staking QBX opens doors to a world where your loyalty points convert into coveted products, VIP event tickets, and unique experiences.

With the QBX VIP Club, you’re not just a member; you’re part of a movement setting a new standard for rewards. Ready to step up?

Unlock a World of Rewards

Stake 2 Amplify

Stake QBX, activate membership perks, & earn dual rewards: QBX & VIRs.

VIP Access Granted

Access rewards in the form of points, miles, crypto, & more from our ecosystem brands.

Invitation QBX VIP Club

Invite Your Circle

Control the guest list—your invite is a tradable NFT with its own rarity.

Your Membership, Tokenized

Choose from five distinct membership tiers, each uniquely tokenized as a tradable NFT with varying rarity levels. The tier you select not only defines your status but also dictates the caliber of benefits you receive, all underpinned by the QBX token.

Elevate your understanding of what it means to be a member of the QBX VIP Club. Dive deeper into our ecosystem and discover how QBX fuels your journey to unparalleled rewards and experiences.

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