Introduction to The QBX VIP Club Tiers

The QBX VIP Club has five different tiers to choose from. The higher the tier, the more rewards you are receiving. It is important to highlight that this is the first version of the rewards and benefits, and there might be some changes until the launch of the QBX VIP Club app. The membership tiers are:

1. Fan As a Fan, for your 100K QBX staked for 12 months, you get +10% more staking rewards, on top of the portion that you would receive from the reward pool. Upon becoming a Fan, you also get one qiibee merchandise for free, 5K QBX as a birthday present, and 10 New Member Invitations. You can give away or offer these Invitations on a dedicated marketplace for future VIP Club members that we will develop later down the road.  Mind you, the number of invitations for each tier is limited and only 100 Fan founding memberships are available, so make sure you reserve your spot quickly.

2. Influencer: If you stake 0.5m QBX in the VIP Club, you can get an Influencer membership, with +20% more on top of what you’d get from the rewards pool. You also get Bronze perks, meaning further discounts on the exclusive VIP events, like an entire outdoor cinema night or a VIP service & lounge with limousine transfer from the Zurich airport. Apart from that, you receive two qiibee merchandise products, 25K QBX as a birthday present, 20 New Member Invitations, and 0.5K bonus qiibee reward points, which you can later exchange to Etihad Guest miles or even crypto! Only 50 founding memberships are available in this tier.

3. Champion: For your 1.5m QBX staked, as a Champion, you receive on top of your annual staking rewards +30% more from the rewards pool. You also get Silver perks, meaning huge discounts on exclusive VIP perks, which are only accessible from Champion tier upwards, for instance, attending a Formula1 event. Besides that, you even get one VIP perk for free. In addition, you receive 30 New Member Invitations, three qiibee merch, and 50K in QBX as a special gift for your birthday. You also get 1K bonus qiibee reward points, which are easily exchangeable into miles from Etihad Guest and can be further exchanged into excellent products, i.e., Rayban sunglasses. Regarding the number of founding memberships, only 25 places are available for this tier.

4. Ambassador: If you stake 5m QBX for 12 months, you can become an Ambassador with an annual staking reward of +40% on top of the portion of what you’d receive from the rewards pool. You also get access to Gold VIP perks, which are only available for members from Ambassador tier onwards, i.e., going on a yacht tour. Furthermore, you also receive 40 New Member Invitations, four qiibee merch products, 250K QBX for your birthday, and 5K bonus qiibee reward points – which are to be easily exchanged, e.g., into a new Apple iPhone 13 Pro. 15 founding membership places are only available of this tier, so make sure you reserve your spot quickly.

5. Honorary Member: For your 15 m QBX staked, you can become a Honorary Member, meaning you belong to the most exclusive tier in the QBX VIP Club, with the highest rewards and benefits. Your staking rewards are +50% more on top of what you’d receive from the reward pool. With your Platinum perks, you get access to some exclusive VIP events for free and to others with significant benefits, for instance, you can go on a yacht tour or can get travel discounts. Moreover, 50 New Member Invitations, five qiibee merchandise products, and 500K QBX as a birthday gift are waiting for you as a member of this tier. Last but not least, you also get 10K in qiibee reward points, worth ~500’000 Etihad Guest miles, which can be exchanged into a new MacBook Pro, for instance! Only ten founding memberships are available in this tier, so do not miss out on your spot!

How to apply?

If you want to become 1 of the 200 founding members of our QBX VIP Club and receive a unique NFT to show off your founder status and unlock even more perks, you can easily apply here.

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