QBX, Powering the Future of Web3 Loyalty

QBX is more than a token; it’s the cornerstone of qiibee’s ecosystem. Where most tokens end at transactions, QBX weaves itself into the very fabric of the loyalty landscape.

QBX stands as the pivotal enabler within the qiibee ecosystem, streamlining the tokenization of loyalty points, miles, and rewards on the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC), connecting programs with ease, and extending a rich selection of rewards to members, all through a fluid experience.

QBX VIP Club | Holder Utilities

Stake QBX to access the VIP Club and benefit from:

  • QBX Merch
  • Staking Booster
  • 40+ Point Exchange Options
  • 700+ Partner Cashback (Points)
  • Exclusive Community & Event Access
  • Tradable VIP Club Membership & Invites


qiibee’s Ecosystem | Brand Utilities

qiibee elevates loyalty programs by:

  • Propelling Member Growth
  • Expanding Reward Portfolios by 100x
  • Connecting to Established Partnerships

To engage with the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC), brands utilize QBX to:

  • Launch Loyalty Tokens
  • Establish Loyalty Partner Connections
  • Enable Earn, Burn & Exchange Features


qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC) | Node Utilities

Validators are responsible for maintaining the robustness of the qiibee Rewards Chain (QRC) through:

  • Ecosystem Expansion
  • Transaction Validation
  • Scaling QRC Infrastructure
  • Maintaining & Optimizing QRC Security


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