qiibeeToken (QBX) Migration

We have upgraded the QBX (qiibeeToken) Smart Contract at its core and a second version of the QBX (qiibeeToken) has been created.

A ‘Token Migration’ has launched and is available for all QBX (qiibeeToken) v1 holders to upgrade and receive the QBX (qiibeeToken) version 2 (v2) which offers a more secure, reliable and efficient utility token on a global scale.

All current QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1 will be migrated to QBX (qiibeetToken) v2 at the same Market value. (1 QBX (qiibeeToken) v1 = 1 QBX (qiibeeToken) v2).

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By using our website to migrate your QBX (qiibeeToken) you have read, understood, and accept our Terms of service

How-to migrate your QBX (qiibeeTokens)

Please check the following requirements before proceeding with the migration:
  • You have a wallet (e.g. private keys or hardware wallets) that holds QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1.
  • You are using Chrome/Firefox/Brave browser with the MetaMask extension or MetaMask mobile app. To download MetaMask, please go to metamask.io.
  • Your wallet with QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1 is imported (with private key) or connected (for Ledger/Trezor hardware wallet) to MetaMask.
Follow these steps to migrate your QBX (qiibeeToken) v1 to v2:
  1. Click on the button “Connect MetaMask”, make sure that the selected wallet in MetaMask contains QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1, and that the wallet is connected to this application.
  2. To see your latest QBX (qiibeeToken) and ETH balance, please click on “Refresh balance”.
  3. Make sure that your wallet has sufficient ETH to start the token migration.
  4. Click the “Start Migration” button to allow this application to transfer all your QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1 for this token migration. It will call the “approve” function on the QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1 contract so that the engine smart contract will be authorized to perform the “transfer from” function on your wallet.
  5. Follow the steps in the MetaMask popup to confirm the transaction to the migration wallet.
  6. Once confirmed, your QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1 will be transferred to the migration wallet, after which the new QBX (qiibeeTokens) v2 will migrated to the same wallet you migrated from. IMPORTANT: the migration of the QBX (qiibeeTokens) v2 may take up to 1 business day.
Alternate method to migrate your QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1:

You can also directly send your QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1 to the token migration address, from any wallet. IMPORTANT NOTE: also using this method, the migration of the QBX (qiibeeTokens) v2 may take up to 1 business day.

This is the token migration address in text form and as a QR-code:

In text form


As a QR-Code:


Why are you doing the token migration?
We aim to provide leading Crypto solutions to the market with a world-class cryptocurrency at its core. To change how people manage and grow their finances. The QBX (qiibeeToken) v2 brings it all together with more power within our ecosystems.
How does the token migration work?
The token migration works in 2 easy steps, you only have to perform one transactions:

  1. Connect your wallet via metamask
  2. Start the migration via metamask

Your QBX (qiibeeTokens) v1 will be sent to the migration address and you will receive the same amount of QBX (qiibeeTokens) v2, within 1 business day.

Are any countries excluded from the token migration?
If you are a QBX (qiibeeToken) v1 holder, you can migrate and upgrade your QBX (qiibeeToken) v1 to QBX (qiibeeToken) v2.
Is the token migration free?
Yes, apart from the mandatory Ethereum network transaction fees. Therefore you will need to have some ETH in your wallet to be able to migrate your tokens.
What if I have QBX (qiibeeToken) v1 tokens on an exchange?
Please send them first to your wallet so that you can proceed with the token migration.
How long will the token migration be available?
The token migration will be available at least until the end of 2023. After the this period has ended, all QBX (qiibeeToken) holders will possibly be unable to migrate their QBX (qiibeeToken) v1 to QBX (qiibeeToken) v2.
What happens with QBX (qiibeeToken) v1 after the migration period?
After the migration period has passed, all QBX (qiibeeToken) v1 will NOT be able to be migrated anymore, will not have any market value and will not be tradeable anymore.
Will I still see my new QBX (qiibeeTokens) in the qiibee Wallet app after the migration?
No, you will not be able to see your qiibeeTokens (QBX) after the migration in the qiibee Wallet app. You can easily check them in your other wallets, e.g. Trezor, Ledger, Coinbase.
What if I need help?
If you have any questions or need assistance, you can get in touch with us via foundation@qiibee.com and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

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