Update QBX Roadmap 2024

We are thrilled to share some updates with you on our roadmap as we are approaching the midpoint of Q2. Continue reading to find out what we achieved in the last few months, what we are focusing on right now and the exciting milestones we are planning for 2024.

Join our journey of creating more economic freedom for everyone by unleashing the power of rewards!

Milestones achieved YTD:

The last few months have been an amazing ride for us, with so many significant milestones we’ve achieved together with our community. Here are the milestones we are the most proud of:

  • ✅ Fostered an amazing community of +150’000 fans over all social channels
  • ✅ Launched the QBX Founders Key with +2’000 ETH volume and a floor price of +1 ETH OR less then 2% of the NFTs listed and +300 key holders
  • ✅ Announced partnership with Whow Games to earn loyalty points while gaming
  • ✅ Launched the QBX Founders Key NFT dashboard to view and access benefits
  • ✅ Announced partnership with Redacted Coin and exclusive drop for $QBX holders
  • ✅ Introduced the QBX VIP Club redemption shop where $QBX holders can spend their loyalty points on real world rewards from brands such as Apple, Adidas, Netflix or Spotify
  • ✅ Completed the QBX Zealy Quest campaign with +10’000 participants and +$200’000 of rewards distributed
  • ✅ Successfully completed oversubscribed private sale with top tier VCs and KOLs to fuel the next milestones of our journey
  • ✅ Introduced the QBX Founders Key loyalty index for holders to check their loyalty rank

Milestones in Q2:

The milestones we have achieved in the first few months served as basis for all the targets we sent out to achieve in Q2. The most important milestones targeted in the current quarter are following:

  • 🔜 Rolled out social activity feature to earn VIRs in the QBX VIP Club by engaging on X with the qiibee foundation
  • 🔜 Announced Community sale with various launch partners, KOLs and communities as well as up to $1’000’000 worth of rewards
  • 🔜 Launched TGE with multiple top-tier exchanges (1 x CEX confirmed, 2 more in progress)
  • 🔜 Rolled out the multi-tiered QBX VIP Club for holders to claim & stake their $QBX to access real words rewards they love
  • 🔜 Unveiled the web 3.0 health loyalty program in collaboration with US insurance group

Milestones Q3 + Q4:

After achieving the milestones we target for Q2 our focus will be on expanding the qiibee ecosystem to new heights. This means we will continue working on improving our tech and product suite as well as expanding our community and QBX VIP Club members. With this in mind the main milestones we are targeting for the second half of the year are following:

  • 📅 Signed and announced +20 strategic partnerships adding more rewards, experiences and benefits into our ecosystem
  • 📅 Launched cross-chain integrations for the $QBX and all our loyalty solutions to expand our reach as well as capabilities by tapping into new ecosystems
  • 📅 Rolled out incentive program for validators of the qiibee rewards chain
  • 📅 Released the qiibee rewards chain public ecosystem dashboard

As you can see above, we already successfully achieved important milestones creating the foundation for the future of web 3.0 loyalty. The coming weeks and months are filled with exciting milestones and we are looking forward to celebrate the next steps of our journey with you. We are aware that all of these milestones depend on different stakeholder as well as an engaging market sentiment, but we are working full steam ahead to make all of these milestones a reality, together with you, our community.

In the meantime we thank you for supporting us and being part of our journey of unlocking the $500bn rewards economy to create more economic freedom for everyone! Your loyalty towards our vision, is the greatest reward!

Stay tuned for more details on all milestones in the coming weeks!

The qiibee foundation is the world’s leading blockchain provider for the global loyalty market.

Our mission is to build a decentralized, scalable and interoperable standard for all loyalty programs and incentive systems powered by the QBX.

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