QBX Tokenomics and 2024 Roadmap

The qiibee foundation’s vision is to build the blockchain infrastructure for the rewards economy, enabling rewards to be one of the top three payment methods in the world. 🌎

In this post we explore the QBX utility, tokenomics, and the roadmap for 2024. We outline how the token functions as a means of transaction, loyalty, and reward. The post also highlights the importance of community involvement, including brands, VIPs, and validators, in maintaining a healthy token economy.

Get ready to unlock the purchasing power and maximize the liquidity of the global rewards economy. The future of loyalty it here! 🚀

QBX Utility

In this section, we will explore the utility of the qiibeeCoin (QBX) token within our ecosystem. We will show you how it drives organic demand and outstanding supply, ultimately shaping the dynamics of our tokenomics.

How does the QBX drive demand?

  • Brands: each transaction where a user earns, spends or exchanges rewards from a brand, needs to be triggered on the qiibee rewards chain (QRC) by the brand with QBX → This means, the more brands we onboard, the more transactions are being generated on the QRC and the more QBX are needed
  • QBX VIPs: users need to hold QBX to enter the QBX VIP Club and access amazing rewards, exclusive perks and unforgettable experiences → the more brands we onboard, the more rewards are available for the QBX VIP Club, which in turn attracts more users to buy QBX to become VIP Club members
  • Ecosystem validators: the larger the value of all loyalty tokens on our chain, the higher the need for different external stakeholders to validate transactions on the QRC → each validator will have to hold a certain number of QBX to be able to join the network, validate transactions and profit from a reward

How does the QBX drive outstanding supply?

  • QBX VIPs: since every VIP needs to stake QBX to access the VIP Club, the more members we have in the club, the more QBX are being staked to access all the awesome benefits
  • Ecosystem validators: the larger our network becomes the more validators we need that also stake their QBX

Of course we will be continuously adding more QBX utilities with time and we already have multiple features on the roadmap that we will be working on in the coming months and years.

How do we keep the transaction costs economically viable?

To ensure the economic viability of transactions on the qiibee rewards chain, it is vital that the costs per transaction do not rise exponentially. Our goal is to treat the costs for all transactions as they would be in a “normal” server costs scenario, which should be around 5% of the total revenue.

For instance, if a user receives 1’000 loyalty tokens from a brand worth $10, the costs of that transaction should be around $0.50. Following this example, if the price per QBX is at $0.10, the transaction would need 5 QBX, at $0.25 only 2 QBX, and at $1 only 0.5 QBX.

This means that the more volume in $ is generated from loyalty token transactions on the QRC, the larger the QBX reward pool for VIPs and validators will become.

Our ultimate goal is to build a network of validators that represent different stakeholders, such as the community, brands, strategic partners, and QBX VIP Club members. This network will then decide about the price per transaction.

QBX Tokenomics

In this section, we will explore the tokenomics of the qiibeeCoin (QBX) token. We will show you the token allocation and distribution.

Ecosystem & Community (54%)*

The total allocation will be unlocked in a linear fashion over 60 months and distributed as follows:

  • 48% is reserved for VIR to QBX exchange, social activities, community events, bounties, future airdrops, referral systems and much more
  • 4% is reserved for the QBX Founders Key airdrop to holders (25% unlocked at TGE, 75% vested for 6 months with daily linear unlock)
  • 2% is reserved for future activities with the holders of a QBX Founders Key and QBX VIP Club Membership

Team (14%)

The allocation for the team is used as part of the salary, yearly bonus and long-term incentive and is vested as follows:

  • 100% locked with 6 months cliff and linear unlock over 36 months

Strategics (8%)

This allocation is for strategic contributors who helped us build the products and establish the brands we have. These tokens will be vested as follows:

  • 100% locked with 6 months cliff and linear unlock over 24 months

Private Sale (7%)

This allocation is reserved for new strategic angels and institutional buyers participating in the private sale. The funds generated from this private sale will primarily be used to expand our web 3.0 community and ecosystem. We plan to achieve this by investing in various marketing activities and events, listing the QBX on exchanges, developing state-of-the-art web 3.0 loyalty solutions, and onboarding world-renowned brands. These holders will have the following vesting period:

  • 10% unlocked at TGE
  • 90% locked with 3 months cliff and linear unlock over 12 months

Community Sale (4%)*

Pre-Sale: 2% is set aside for the pre-sale, which is first available to all QBX Founders Key holders (with an allocation of 31,089 QBX per key). Any unclaimed allocations will then be made available to the rest of the community on a first come first served basis. These QBX are vested as follows:

  • 20% unlocked at TGE
  • 80% linear unlock over 12 months

Community Sale: 2% of the total is allocated for the public sale, which will be open to everyone. More details will be announced at a later stage.

  • 20% unlocked at TGE
  • 80% linear unlock over 12 months

Brands & Partners (13%)*

We started building early on and conducted our first token sale in 2018. Over the years, we allocated additional treasury tokens for our brands, community, and partners. Brands such as Sausalitos, have been using the QBX as a redemption option for their users. This allows their users to earn SausaCoins and exchange them for QBX. In 2022, we also raised an equity Seed Round (link) to onboard strategic investors and angels. Their involvement has opened new doors for us and exponentially grown our business.

The funds generated were used to build scalable blockchain infrastructure, test various loyalty applications, and identify product-market fit by engaging with companies and loyalty program users. It also allowed us to onboard globally renowned brands. Some of the QBX distributed during this period were part of product testings, surveys, bounties, and other educational activities. The QBX allocated to these holders are vested as follows:

  • 20% unlocked at TGE
  • 80% linear unlock over 12 months

*Latest update 05.04.2024

Roadmap 2024

In this section, we will explore the qiibee foundation roadmap for 2024.

January 2024

  • Launched the QBX Founders Key NFT mint
  • Reached 80k X followers and Discord members
  • Reached over 2m messages on Discord

February 2024

  • Announced the Whow Games partnership with MyJackpot
  • Launched the first MyJackpot gaming campaign
  • Published the QBX tokenomics and 2024 roadmap

March 2024

  • Launched the QBX Founders Key NFT dashboard
  • Launched the QBX VIP Club staking testing for Founders Key holders
  • Released the Miles & More (+36m members) newsletter with the 7 new partners onboarded via qiibee

Q2 2024

  • Listed the qiibeeCoin $QBX token on three exchanges
  • Announced the partnership with a large US insurance group (+35m customers)
  • Launched the QBX VIP Club with the tiered memberships and benefits

H2 2024

  • Designed the incentive program for the first validators
  • Designed the qiibee Reward Chain public ecosystem dashboard
  • Announced 1 to 3 new global brands coming on board

The future is here!

We just shared the scoop on how the qiibeeCoin (QBX) is shaking things up in the rewards economy, focusing on its impact in transactions, boosting loyalty, and redefining rewards. We also highlighted the crucial role our community plays, from brands and VIPs to validators, in keeping our token economy vibrant and well-balanced. 🌟

Keep your eyes peeled, because over the next few weeks, we are diving deeper with more insights and forward-looking plans. Your feedback is gold to us, and we are stoked to collaborate on what is on the horizon. Stay connected for all the upcoming updates and be a part of shaping the future of loyalty. 🚀

The qiibee foundation is the world’s leading blockchain provider for the global loyalty market.

Our mission is to build a decentralized, scalable and interoperable standard for all loyalty programs and incentive systems powered by the QBX.

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