Key Moments That Fueled qiibee’s Impressive Growth

The last 24 months have been full of learnings, new developments, and many achieved milestones for the qiibee ecosystem.

You didn’t hear a lot from us, because we were heads down building our product and onboarding new brands into our ecosystem.

Here you have an overview of the most important milestones we have achieved over the last 24 months to achieve our vision of a global, decentralized loyalty ecosystem.

Mission: Unlock the purchasing power of the global rewards economy by making all rewards exchangeable in one decentralized loyalty ecosystem.


  • Q1
    • Loyalty Survey with more then 700 participants
    • TakeCare Token Campaign for Covid more then 1’000 participants
  • Q2
    • Swap Option from QBX-BEP2 to QBX-ERC20
    • Frequent Flyer Survey with more than 1’400 participants
    • Onboarded new Head of Marketing and Content Manager
  • Q3
    • New channel partner Boost Group
    • Onboarded 1 new Head of Sales and 1 new Full-Stack Engineer
    • qiibee yearly team get-together
  • Q4
    • Ecosystem Integration for Miles from Miles & More and Etihad Guest completed
    • New Channel Partner Vertikom Switzerland
    • International Air Travel Association Webinar
    • Launch of our Loyalty Dashboard 2.0


  • Q1
    • Launch Louis Erard loyalty program with integration of Miles & More and Etihad Guest on the qiibee blockchain
    • Deloitte & qiibee “Watch Industry & Technology” Webinar
    • Podcast “Loyalty on the Blockchain” with Loyalty Talk
    • New Channel Partner Kettydo+
    • Blockchain & Crypto Masterminds Webinar
    • Vivaldi & qiibee “Tech is not the answer, or is it?” webinar with Cardano and Asgard
    • Listed in the CV VC Top 50 Report as Challengers
  • Q2
    • Launch Loyalty Program
      • That’s Italia
      • Banchini
      • Musei del Cibo
      • Sole 24 Ore – CEO Confidential first loyalty NFT use case
      • Deloitte & qiibee “Innovation in the Watch Industry” webinar
      • Louis Erard NFT Digital Twin use case CHF 1m worth of watches sold in a few hours
    • EY & qiibee “Blockchain Normalized” webinar with Cardano and WEF
    • Vivaldi & qiibee “Is brand loyalty dead” webinar with American Express, R/GA and Current
    • Podcast “Blockchain Loyalty” with The Loyalty Podcast
  • Q3
    • Launch Loyalty Programs
      • Più Hotels
      • 32 Via dei Birrai
    • Onboarded 1 new
      • Junior Front-End Engineer
      • Junior Backend Engineer
      • Junior Product Manager
    • qiibee Summer team get together
    • Completely new Customer Integration and Success Documentation for the brands joining our ecosystem
    • Onboarding of new advisors for the qiibee foundation
      • Jacques Rosio, former President Mondalez LATAM
      • Günther Dobrauz, Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland
  •  Q4
    • Launch Loyalty Programs
      • Sole 24 Ore – How to Spend It NFT use case
      • UNHCR charity with NFTs from cartoonist Hani Abbas
    • Podcast “Blockchain and NFTs” with Baselworld
    • Webinar “Loyalty Live” with Loyalty360
    • Participation Accelerator Trenitalia, the national Italian rail way
    • Launch of Loyalty Survey for our Loyalty Trend Report 2022
    • EY & qiibee Blockchain Survey 2021
    • Launch qiibee foundation website
    • Launch of QBX Membership Program application page

All milestones and goals achieved in the last 24 months show that we are building a real business behind qiibee and can now focus more on increasing the distribution and the awareness of the qiibee ecosystem and QBX.

With the growth we are experiencing through the onboarding of more and larger brands in our ecosystem, it’s the perfect timing to invest more resources in expanding the qiibee ecosystem by reaching new token holders through new products, new exchanges and more marketing activities.

We are super excited to share more news in the coming months as we are ramping up activities to position qiibee ecosystem and the QBX as the leader in loyalty on the blockchain.

The qiibee foundation is the world’s leading blockchain provider for the global loyalty market.

Our mission is to build a decentralized, scalable and interoperable standard for all loyalty programs and incentive systems powered by the QBX.

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