Introduction to the QBX VIP Club

QBX VIP Club is the unique space for QBX enthusiasts to access the most exclusive perks and benefits. We genuinely care about building a global and loyal community around our ecosystem. This is why we have created an exclusive space for our most loyal token holders. Our invite-only Club members will benefit from countless exclusive events, products, and QBX bonuses. We aim to empower our most loyal token holders with an NFT-based loyalty membership giving access to VIP experiences, unique perks and exclusive rewards from our ecosystem.

The QBX VIP Club offers its token holders the following unique perks and benefits:

1. Super exclusivity (Invite-only Club): Each membership is a tradeable NFT with different rarity levels. Also, each tier in the Club gets a certain amount of New Member Invitations. Members can give away or offer these Invitations on a dedicated marketplace for future VIP Club members, which will be developed later down the road. The higher your tier, the more Invitations you will receive. To become a member of any tier, the criteria is to stake your tokens for 12 months.

2. Annual Staking Rewards and extra QBX: For the staked tokens, the VIP Club offers annual staking rewards to its members. The higher the tier, the more staking rewards the members get. The basis of the reward is the following: The loyalty brands in our ecosystem need to send QBX to the network to trigger transactions on our blockchain and these QBX go all into a reward pool of which a portion is distributed to VIP’s and ecosystem nodes. The portion that each VIP receives is depending on how many QBX a VIP stakes and which tier that VIP is in, since the bonus (+10%, +20%, etc.) is depending on the tier they’re in and the amount of tokens they stake. 

3. Unique perks and VIP experiences: As a QBX VIP Club Member, you can experience countless high-class events, webinars and will be meeting lots of other like-minded people. The higher your tier, the more benefits you will receive. We will introduce these perks in detail in our upcoming blog posts.


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The qiibee foundation is the world’s leading blockchain provider for the global loyalty market.

Our mission is to build a decentralized, scalable and interoperable standard for all loyalty programs and incentive systems powered by the QBX.

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