Navigating the Future of Rewards: Introducing PointMarketCap

In our 2023 loyalty report, we had some eye-opening discussions about the liquidity of rewards or points. Clearly, understanding this liquidity is crucial in today’s fast-changing loyalty programs.

So, what’s next for rewards, points, and transparency? Enter PointMarketCap (PMC), our guide to the most valuable reward opportunities. With PMC, we’re creating a new benchmark in the loyalty industry.

PMC aims to be the ‘go-to’ for loyalty members worldwide, helping them understand where their loyalty points have the most value.

Vision Behind PointMarketCap

PMC isn’t just a tool – it’s a vision. It’s about bringing clarity to the often confusing world of loyalty points.

Rewards from most loyalty programs often go unused, triggering customer switches. The $500bn in unused rewards underlines the market’s current inefficiency.
Gabriele G. (CEO & Co-Founder of qiibee)

In a world where the value of loyalty points can drastically vary, PMC bridges the gap between loyalty members and the information they need to make smart choices. In fact, our ultimate goal is to unlock points liquidity, giving customers more purchasing power and economic freedom.

Benefits of PointMarketCap

PMC brings unmatched benefits to the loyalty market. Specifically, it gives loyalty members a clear, detailed view of their points’ value across different programs. By comparing various loyalty programs, PMC provides members with the knowledge they need to get the most from their rewards.

We’re excited to announce that the first version of PMC is in the works, set to launch later this year. Our team is working hard to create a platform that will transform the loyalty industry, offering tools to guide members in their loyalty journey. Whether you want to know how much a point is worth if exchanged into another program, or which program has the most liquid points in your region, PMC has you covered.

pointmarketcap metrics

To evaluate and rank the points liquidity of different loyalty programs, we’ve adapted the equation from the Economic Freedom Index to suit the loyalty market. The first version of this formula, with all the relevant factors contributing to points liquidity, is shown above. For more info, check out this post!

The Evolution of PointMarketCap

While the first version of PMC will bring great value to loyalty members, we have bigger plans. Future versions of PMC will include more features and program details, offering loyalty members a deep understanding of their points’ liquidity.

They will also have additional tools to calculate points value and simulate exchanges into other loyalty programs. PMC is set to be the top platform for understanding and maximizing loyalty rewards.

Key Points (TL:DR)

  • PMC is being introduced as the ‘go-to’ for loyalty members, helping them understand where their loyalty points have the most value. PMC is designed to bring clarity to the often confusing world of loyalty points.
  • The platform offers a comparison of different loyalty programs, giving loyalty members the knowledge they need to get the most from their rewards.
  • The first version of PMC is set to launch later this year, with future versions planned to include more features and details.
  • Above all, PMC’s ultimate goal is to help loyalty members better understand their points’ liquidity and the real value brands offer in their programs.

Stay tuned for more as we navigate the future of loyalty rewards with PointMarketCap!

The qiibee foundation is the world’s leading blockchain provider for the global loyalty market.

Our mission is to build a decentralized, scalable and interoperable standard for all loyalty programs and incentive systems powered by the QBX.

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