Best Web3 Loyalty Programs of Q1 2023

The first quarter of 2023 saw multiple launches and announcements for the web3 loyalty space. More and more brands are testing the ground of blockchain-powered programs to deliver benefits and experiences to their customers, in a view to retaining them. Here are the best web3 loyalty programs released or expanded in Q1 2023 that we are happy to have come across and that set the right direction in the space.

There are several factors we take into account when evaluating web3 loyalty programs, including rewards liquidity and utility, ease of use and fun experience, community, and others. It is still challenging, at this point in time, to be precise and analytical about existing web3 programs, since only a few have come out and can be considered “complete”. Many of them, in fact, are still in the NFT-launch phase. However, for now we do value programs that, by design, embrace web3 for a richer customer experience rather than simple hype. For a full list of criteria that can help you choose a web3 program, read our dedicated blog article.

Starbucks Odyssey

Starbucks odyssey web3 loyalty program

We guess everyone heard about the Beta launch of Starbucks’ newest web3 loyalty program, or at least of its first membership NFT collection (Siren), which was sold out after 18 minutes from release and skyrocketed Stamps’ price up to 15 folds, now at a minimum of 0.490 ETH per piece. Each Stamp provides 1,500 bonus points that can be used to level up in Starbucks Odyssey experience in 2023. Mind, if you sell or transfer your Stamp, your assigned points will be deducted!

Starbucks team designed and launched the program effectively, attracting attention not only from “collectors”, but also from the “traditional” customer base, thanks to a simple messaging and engaging experience. It is yet to be seen now, after this first awareness and drop success, at what point in time will further utility be added to the program, we look forward to it and updating our community!

To have a look at the details of this program, watch our video review.

AirBaltic Planies

Airbaltic planiesNFT

Despite AirBaltic’s web3 loyalty program launched in late 2022, it developed into an actual utility-driven program earlier this year. In fact, after having dropped its PlaniesNFT collection, it allowed for staking NFTs in exchange for benefits such as extra loyalty points, business class upgrades, and free flights. 1 million points have been distributed so far to program members, while a dedicated new duty-free store with merch was opened. The community around Planies is also growing, with 1242 owners at the moment, thanks also to t compelling storytelling surrounding the collection.

The Planies roadmap looks promising and we look forward to following the program and seeing what other utility will be added later this year!

To have a look at the details of this program, watch this quick video review.

Cymbiotika Arise

Arise by Cymbiotika

The California-based beauty & wellness brand announced in January the launch of its new web3 loyalty program, Arise. The tier-based program, through the acquisition of membership NFTs, offers access to special perks such as discounts, early product launches, private events, and community forums. The longer a user is a member of the program, the higher the tier s/he will belong to.

A lot of details are still to be defined and discovered in terms of Arise’s offering to program members. However, we do like Cymbiotika’s bold move in wanting to launch a full-fledged web3 loyalty program in the beauty space, rather than single NFT collections, and we hope more detailed information will be revealed soon.

To have a look at the details of this program, watch our video review.

Special Mentions

nba on tnt trivia lead image
  • Warner Bros. Discovery sports announced the launch of a new Watch-to-Earn service during the “Inside the NBA” TV show on the U.S.-based TNT channel. Digital tokens will be distributed to viewers who are able to answer trivia questions during each TV show episode.
  • Fashion and beauty giants YSL keeps building its web3 loyalty program by dropping the third NFT collection in less than a year. The first 2,000 people to purchase a product from the Black Opium product range recently received a “Beauty Night Block” NFT as a gift with purchase, and will also enjoy future perks this year

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